Opening the Circle for Healing

Achieve better balance, inner peace & harmony in the physical, emotional & energetic body

Colin Snow is a Member of the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group
Dedicated Healthcare Professionals

Certified by The Honorary President of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, Richard Farmer
"Colin is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to learn authentic Tai Chi for Health & Inner Peace"

In service to communities located in Minnesota

Minneapolis Veterans Hospital - UnitedHealthcare
Aveda - 3M - Medtronic - Park Nicollet - Cargill
U of M - Minnesota Oncology - Wilder Foundation
Courage Kenny - Mercy & Unity Hospitals
Gillette Childrens Speciality Healthcare

Bloomington Retirement - Kenwood Retirement HealthEast Care - Oak Grove Residential
Cigna Wellness - The Minneapolis Club
Calhoun Beach Club - Fairview Health services Breck School - Metropolitan Agency on Aging

Cargill High Performance Leadership Group Ecumen Homes for older adults
Golden Valley Rehabilitation - SW High School
Clouds in Water Zen Center - Stanton Group
Joan of Arc Church - Lake Country School Staff