Senior Communities

Tai Chi has been serving & benefiting the senior populations of our communities for hundreds of years & continues today to be the most popular exercise system for older adults.
Why is this?
It works, it's low impact, it's affordable, it's a social gathering and when taught correctly is both enjoyable and very safe. Unlike Yoga it doesn't require any specialized equipment or getting down onto the floor to practice. Neither does it use 'force or effort' to achieve the wide range of health benefits which are easily accomplished and recognized by extensive scientific research from around the world.

Tai Chi is recommended by the Mayo Clinic for stress reduction, improved circulation, the lessening of arthritic and other pain, an increase in flexibility, lowered blood pressure, improved balance, a sense of calm, improved strength & flexibility, better immune function, better sleep, improvements in digestive health, helping to reverse some effects of aging, improve bone density and improve cardiovascular health.

Our regular weekly classes specifically designed for seniors include aspects of an evidence based fall prevention program, Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance.

We are always happy to meet with you & discuss the needs of your senior population.

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