Colin has left teaching classes at The Kenny Courage Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley to begin teaching classes at his center in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood.
During his 12 years teaching for The Courage Center he has used Tai Chi for people recovering from stroke, cerebral palsy, severe accidental damage, arthritis, anxiety disorders & recovery for many other issues including surgery.

As each person is very individual in their needs you can make a complimentary appointment to meet with him to discuss how Tai Chi classes will help your recovery & improve health. E-mail

"I am a young woman who has cerebral palsy. I benefit from the class because it helps me learn how to breath properly which has a calming effect on my anxiety disorder. The instructors name is Colin Snow, I highly recommend taking his clas"..
Christine Jerdee in Minnesota 2013

"I had done Tai Chi in the past and as a Stroke survivor I thought Tai Chi would help with my balance. Colin took me in to work with my problem and tailored his class to meet my needs. That's what I call a good class and a good teacher!!!"
Bill A. Small 2014

"I awoke dead still in a hospital bed unable to physically move, nor mentally grasp my traumatic situation. I had survived a two-month coma after being run over by a car. My body sustained major bone breakage, 40-50 fractures. I started learning from Colin whilst yet relegated to a manual wheelchair for mobility. Colin's classes have been vital in making movement a reality for me."
Jeff Riebe - current student 2014

Sports Injuries
Stroke Rehabilitation
Vestibular issues & fall reduction
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Back & neck pain, better posture
Cancer support