Education & Schools

During his teaching career in Great Britain as both a primary and special needs teacher, Colin has utilized many aspects of Tai Chi to the benefit of both staff and students.

Introducing these meditative flowing movements into a busy school environment provides
students with a practice that will nurture self development & support curricular activities.
Tai Chi helps to reduce stress while increasing awareness & vitality.

Gaining an understanding of meditation at any age is an extremely supportive life skill;
one which is often overlooked & underestimated in the field of education.
A lively class of 32 five year olds will gain enormously from the simple practice of being still & connecting with their breath for instance.
Or a high school student prepping for exams will have the ability to recognize their level of stress and respond with some straight forward practical tools to help.

We offer a staff training program called Vitality at Work, VaW©, and workshops for staff development

If you would like to discuss the suitability of a Tai Chi program in your school
please contact Colin 612 377 6469 or send an e-mail