The studio is beautiful, the most peaceful place of my week. I have incorporated Tai Chi into my daily life and found incredible benefits including a 25 lb weight loss and I feel stronger without causing injury to my body as has happened with other types of classes I have taken.
Ann Bever

Tai Chi has helped me achieve a balance and calm in my body, my mind, and my outlook.  I love the grace of movement and peaceful quality of the movements.
Bonnie Black

When I play Tai Chi it is the most peaceful time of my week. I have a marked reduction in arthritic pain, greater strength in my body and the feeling of calm awakeness.
Virginia McBride

It's difficult to quantify the wonderful benefits I have experienced. Thanks to Colin and the other teachers at Natural Step for making such a big difference in my life!
Lauren Beckstrom  

Tai Chi gives me mental focus and calms my soul in times of need.
Sarah Jaehne

A little over a year ago My wife and I began Tai Chi with Colin Snow. It has been a most positive experience as the movements are low impact, soft, slow, gentle and quite beautiful. It is something I can practice anywhere, anytime and by myself with no special equipment or uniform required.
Bob Wolfe - 71

Learning Tai Chi with Colin Snow is a true gift. Practicing Tai Chi with Colin is a very healing experience. It quiets the mind, calms the body and reinvigorates the soul.
Judy Marcus - 63

Colin took me in to work with my problem and tailored his class to meet my needs.
That's what I call a good class and a good teacher!!!
Bill Small stroke survivor

Is it possible that after just the first class that I could have more energy the next morning? I just have so much energy. I'm able to pop out of bed in the morning and get started. That is amazing!!!
Deb Childs teacher at Breck School

Do you remember me from a class that you taught in Wales? I was looking on the internet when I saw your details so I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to say thank you for helping me acquire the wonderful gift of Tai Chi.
Ed Stickler Cardiff South Wales

Colin is a passionate, informative and lively (very fun) teacher. I look forward to going to class each week, and even if go in feeling a little stressed from my day, I always leave feeling refreshed and energized!
Tish Murphy

I am a young woman who has cerebral palsy. I participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Tai Chi program at the Courage Center. I benefited from the class because it has helped me learn how to breath properly which has a calming effect on my anxiety disorder. The instructors name is Colin Snow, I highly recommend taking his class.
Christine Jerdee

Natural Step incorporates a deeper awareness of the workings of the mind and body that bring many benefits not only to improving and maintaining good health but also a more natural way of relating in harmony to the world around you.
You are given the potential to gain a whole new mastery of the life you choose to live.
Robert Christenson