Colin Snow - Founder & Principal Instructor

Colin from London re-located to Minneapolis with his family in July 2003.
A special needs teacher in UK he founded Natural Step School of Tai Chi for Wellbeing in 2003. An advanced VortexHealing® Energy practitioner he has taught in Europe & USA.
His focus of interest during his 35 years of teaching in Europe & the USA has been to make the movements & principles of practice accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability.

A member of the American Tai Chi association, the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain & The Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group

Teri McNamara ~ Certified Teacher

I heard about Tai Chi from friends for several years, but when my grandmother said it gave her more stamina and flexibility, I decided I really needed to start myself. I find the meditative aspects to be as rewarding as the increased strength and flexibility.

In addition to my Tai Chi practice, I have worked with Authenticity Consulting LLC as a partner since 2001, after a 20-year career in engineering and marketing. There is more information at

Andy Katzung ~ Certified Teacher

I began my Tai Chi journey in 2006 as a way to connect with the deeper aspects of myself and to find inner peace. Tai Chi has helped to open & align my body, mind, and spirit. For me, the Tai Chi form is a way to practice the principles, and the principles are a way to practice life. I consider myself a lifelong student, as Tai Chi continues to show me avenues I never knew existed.

I am a photographer & web site designer. I spent 16 years in the video production field as a videographer, editor, director and producer. I also perform improv on a semi-regular basis as a graduate of the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis.