What is Non Martial Tai Chi for Well Being?

What is Natural Step Tai Chi? - A Short Video

An introduction to Non Martial Tai Chi by Colin Snow

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Tai Chi research shows sleep disorders are improved by practicing Tai Chi
Harvard Health Publications

Tai Chi to prevent accidental falls & fear of falling
New York Times

Can Tai Chi Really Slow Aging? A New Study Has The Answer

Tai Chi reduces Stress & Anxiety while improving balance & flexibility.
Mayo Clinic report

Mindfulness practice as effective as anti depressants in coping with depression
The Lancet Medical Journal

Tai Chi - Improves Balance & Motor Control in Parkinson's Disease.
Harvard Medical School

Tai Chi for Medical Conditions. Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke
Harvard Medical School

Tai Chi & Breast Cancer.
American Cancer Society

Tai Chi reported to ease Fibromyalgia
New York Times

Tai Chi for Better Balance
Mayo Clinic Report

Tai Chi Boosts your Immune System - Video with Dr Oz

Tai Chi Reduced falls in Stroke Survivors
American Heart Association

Tai Chi - Recovering from a Stroke
Go Red for Women

Tai Chi for Sleep Enhancement
US National Library of Medicine

Sports Injuries
Stroke Rehabilitation
Vestibular issues & fall reduction
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Back & neck pain, better posture
Cancer support

Tai Chi - A Spiritual Martial Art - in honor of William L Prensky