Beginners Tai Chi & Better Balance classes for Health & Conscious Living

All Welcome Every Thursday - 10:30 to 11:15 a.m

Location : The Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, 4401 Upton Ave, Linden Hills ~ Mpls MN 54401
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Colin Snow your instructor has been studying the self healing, meditative art of Tai Chi for 35 years. In 2003 he moved to Minneapolis from the UK and
founded The Natural Step School of Tai Chi for Wellbeing.

Natural Step Tai Chi is accessible to all, regardless of age, ability or current level of health.
Everything is learnt & practiced through knowing one’s personal soft limit and embodying the 'path of least resistance'. During class no parts of the body are forced or stretched while any physical limitations are embraced & not seen as obstacles.

Attention is brought to correct postural alignment, learning methods to relax the mind & body while exploring traditional Tai Chi movements that are undertaken 'below the speed of habit'.

You are welcome to take the first class as a Complimentary session but must be registered with Colin by email to take advantage of this offer.

Class size is limited to provide best possible individual attention.
Classes take place at The Lake Harriet Spiritual Center Thursday mornings 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

How does it work?

For comfort & confidence in our day to day movements we have to rely upon the function & strength of the lower body.
In Tai Chi we begin by first establishing a grounded connection through the body to the feet.

By practicing our ability to sink attention into the feet, we become more conscious of the lower body.
Using this basic Tai Chi principle in movement gently encourages the natural functioning of the legs, lower body joints & muscles to return.
Repetition & regular practice of the movements then sustains function as the body begins to
re-align and grow stronger.

Monthly Rate : $75.00 per month
Drop in rate : $25.00 per class.

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