Tai Chi in the workplace

Our goal is to optimize the health & well being of both the management & employees of your company. This to improve employee performance, reduce absenteeism & increase the vitality & creativity of your community. Stress related illness & the related costs are damaging and for the most part avoidable. Tai Chi movement and principles have been researched and proven to be a valuable resource for reducing the levels of stress in the workplace.

The vitality of a large or small business community is dependent upon job satisfaction, personal motivation, positive interpersonal relationships & engendering positive morale.
Integrating the principles & practice of Tai Chi into your business community will provide a wellness program that is accessible to everyone & inexpensive.

With our Vitality at Work©, VaW© program the employee doesn't need any specialized equipment and can even utilize the program sitting at their place of work. The movements take only a few minutes and remove the need for classes during the day or after work.

The program can easily be integrated into an existing EHM or be a simple solution for any business looking to initiate an employee wellness program. The exercises have been carefully selected to be safe & effective for everyone.

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