Climate Emergency

Extinction Rebellion is a Worldwide non-violent rebellion to end the criminal inaction with regards to the ongoing ecological catastrophe

Extinction Rebellion ~ Website UK & Video

Extinction Rebellion ~ Website USA

Greta Thunberg ~ Ted Talk. 16 year old Swedish climate activist

Bill Nye ~ The Planet is on Fire!

Plastic Waste ~ Runaway consumption. 2 trillion drink containers used every day

Only a third of world's rivers remain free flowing ~ Billions of people rely on rivers for water, food & irrigation

Biodiversity eroded at unprecedented rates ~ Rapid species extinction. One million species at risk. Are we next?

Message from Worlds Scientists ~ Comprehensve study of life on earth

Two thirds of Britains agree, there is a climate emergency ~ And would vote differently to save the planet

Banksy ~ From this moment despair ends and tactics begin. Latest art mural, Marble Arch

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