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My mission is to reduce the suffering in the world caused by addiction. I bring the benefits of the ancient science of Yoga and the spiritual principles of addiction recovery to my students. I teach a gentle, spiritual practice that is built to support your unique needs in a safe and loving environment that is also fun and community-based.

My life in recovery from addiction began in January 2011 after my last suicide attempt. The life I had lived up to that point was one of complete dependence on outside sources for happiness. I needed everyone around me to like me, so I needed more – more money, more power, more control, more stuff – then people would like me, then my life would be filled with happiness, then my life would have meaning. The problem with more is that it is never enough. The problem with trying to make everyone else like me was that I had no idea who I was, because I was constantly trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be. The ultimate problem was that I didn’t like myself so I self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, and food – lots of it.

Yoga and addiction recovery taught me that there was a peace and calm that exist inside of me and I needed to learn how to tap into that to find a life that comes with Ease, Grace, Joy, and Glory. Yoga and addiction recovery brought me from 205 lbs back to a healthy weight and back to sanity. Today I live free from the mental and physical obsession for food, alcohol, drugs, and co-dependency on others. My passion is to help you find your own inner worthiness and value, to tap into the serenity that exists inside of you and to free yourself from your addictions – whatever they are. We do this One Breath at a Time.

My teaching style is a very healing practice that includes a combination of Hatha, Bhakti, and Kundalini Yoga. In English, I teach Mindful Beginners Yoga. I encourage and guide my students to find poses that meet your body’s needs exactly as you are, and to love, honor, and respect the body that you are in today.

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